Northwest Region Boards & Committees

Organizational Structure

The Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Board (NWRECB) serves the Northwest Region of the State of Minnesota. It consists of a Board, an Advisory Committee, an Owner and Operators’ group, and a Users’ group. Each of these groups serves specific roles and responsibilities. 

The NWRECB is similar to other regional groups around the State of Minnesota. These regional boards all provide input and support the activities of the Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB). 

The NWRECB Board

Each member of the joint powers agreement appoints one policy-level (e.g. County Commissioner) individual, and an alternate, to form the policy Board of the NWRECB. The Board is ultimately responsible for the actions of the NWRRB. They create a budget for the organization, make appointments to the SECB, approve planning documents, and do a host of other activities. 

The Regional Advisory Committee

The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) serves to advise the Board. Each member of the joint powers agreement appoints one individual and one alternate to serve on the RAC. RAC members have special expertise related to emergency communications administration, operation, or technology. They make recommendations to the Board regarding the budget, appointments, approval of planning documents, regional standards, and several other activities. They also review recommendations to the Board from the Owner and Operators’ group and the Users’ group.

The Owners, Operators, and Users

A group of individuals from around the Region that have a strong emphasis in administering and operating local emergency communication systems participate in an Owner and Operators’ (O&O) group. They, along with end Users, discuss the day-to-day challenges of operating emergency communications systems. The O&O meets regularly, while the Users meet on an as-needed basis. These two groups help the RAC and Board identify their priorities.