Northwest Region


The Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Board (NWRECB) was formed to:

  • Create a governance structure to guide local agencies through changes in emergency communications technology, their installation, application, and operations;
  • Provide regional cooperation in acquiring and administering regional emergency communication systems; and
  • To create interoperability with the State of MN and create a cooperative relationship with the State of MN Department of Emergency Communications.

During the early months of 2013, the Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Board created a clear mission, developed value statements, and identified how they want to live their values.



The Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Board’s mission is to:

  • Ensure all geographies of the Region are served by high-quality, effective public safety communications;
  • Make forward thinking policy; and
  • Serve owners and operators of communications systems, users of communications systems, and the citizenry that relies on public safety services.


The Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Board lives a set of values to pursue our mission. We:

  • Serve the citizenry of our Region with reliable, effective, and equitable public safety services;
  • Are good stewards of public dollars and seek cost-effective solutions;
  • Maintain individual member autonomy to make decisions about the development and implementation of public safety communications systems and operational guidelines;
  • Have open, honest, and respectful conversation with transparent decision making; and
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders, valuing their time and talents, as partners in our mission.

To live our values we must collectively do the following:

  • Communicate clear roles, responsibilities, and accountability;
  • Reduce individual time commitments and increase value to individuals;
  • Broaden the stakeholder base and give each perspective a voice;
  • Communicate effectively;
  • Make informed decisions;
  • Be flexible; and
  • Celebrate hard work, be thankful for each other and our partners, and have fun!